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JazzyJZ Mentoring Program is designed to provide support for young businesswomen through the wisdom of seasoned professionals.

Urban Gurl/Suburban Swurl

Gurl/Swurl is a global Initiative that increases self-confidence and leadership skills in girls through sports.

Telling Our Stories Annual Literacy Event

Women of African Diaspora Griots is locally held through WOCPSCN chapters. The theme is determined by each Chapter as a literacy program designed to distribute books and educational tools. Our local annual events take place each August.

Queen Nzinga Project

The Queen Nzinga Project is beauty festival designed to help women and children remove themselves from the stigma of domestic violence. Our one-day beauty and networking is a Swag Bag donation that is filled with beauty products for you and a day at the salon for domestic violence survivors.

Global Sustainability Partnerships

Join the Global Sustainability Partnerships Monthly Convene. Our purpose is to maintain a global alliance that will support one another's projects and global sustainable businesses. GSP's desire is to create a level of collaborative security through solidarity, as we consider the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that Positive Support can Create Desired Outcomes.


During the 2021 Walking In Silence for the Silenced: DV Solidarity Walk, A-1 Salon (JC, NJ) supported the Walk by painting their clients and guest's thumb with the color purple. It has become an annual event that local salons show their solidarity each first Saturday in November.

Lena Baker Domestic Violence & Women's Health Summit

The Leona Baker Domestic Violence & Women's Health Summit is held the last week in October that encourages discussions regarding domestic violence and women health.

Walking dv new logo

Walking In Silence for the Silenced: Domestic Violence Solidarity Walk has international participation for the purpose of bringing awareness to domestic violence. It is held the first Saturday in November. Our theme is "We don't Walk for the cause, We Walk BECAUSE!"

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DISCLAIMER:   WOCPSCN cannot financially support any individual or organization.  However, as per our core values to support gender equity and community development, WOCPSCN (and consequently the Global Sustainability Partnership Programme), acts as an enabler between changemakers, organizations, and businesses to ensure global alliances as well as multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborations for measurable impact and action.