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 Healing Gem  Stone Bracelets

WOCPSCN Healing Gem Stone Bracelets are hand-made with authentic gems. 

  • Howlite (white stone):  Calms from within and dissolver of stress

  • Amethyst (purple stone):  Stone of spiritual protection and purification 

  • Turquoise (bluestone):  Inspires one to act out of truth, compassion, and forgiveness 

Orders of 4 bracelets or more for discounts.

WOCPSCN is a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit. 
Membership and donations are tax-deductible and can also be mailed to:
WOCPSCN, Inc., c/o Investors Bank
360 Martin Luther King Drive Unit #7H, Jersey City, NJ 07305
Contact WOCPSCN:  929.269.3103