The Walking In Silence for the Silenced: DV Solidarity Walk evolved out of conversations that took place among WOCPSCN members.  We discovered in some capacity, we were survivors of DV or have been affected by it.  Founding Exec. Dir. Loretta Green-Williams lost her daughter to domestic violence in 2001.  Her partner shot her through the heart, during an argument.  He was sentenced to 5 years, but only completed 36 month. 

We realized that DV causes one to lose one's voice.  One may not have the ability to talk about it, or to discuss their experience with anyone.  Second,  those left behind will never hear the voice of their loved one ever again.  Thus, Walking in Silence.


After The Walk:

Since 2013, each Walk has its own commitment to educating the community.  Each Walk attach their community concerns through workshops, live performance, memorials, and opportunities to donate to other DV organizations and facilities.  The Solidarity comes from All Walks taking place at 10 am your time zone, in Silence.  We posts our pics at @dvsolidaritywalk, @wocpscn, FB: @wocpscn.  Also send us pics to post on our website.

Become a  Community Walk Captain:

Because the Walk is so personal, and has a different meaning for each community, as a Community Walk Leader, you will lead your community to the direction that addresses your community DV concerns. 

Not Ready To Become a Community Walk Caption Yet? 

No Worrez.  There are many Walks taking place globally, and we welcome your participation.  Contact us at


During our 2021 WALK, A-1 Salon, NJ supported The Walk by polishing their guests thumb purple.  It was so inspiring that we want to continue salon support.  Invite your salon to lend their support on Saturday, November 5, 2022.  Paint each guest and client's THUMB PURPLE.

Morningside Park, Harlem, NYC

Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NY

Hosted by Zeta Phi Beta Soroity, Inc.

Chad, Africa

Cincinnati, OH 

Los Angeles, CA

San Francisco, CA

Glasgow, Scotland

More Walks to be posted

  November 5, 2022

10:00 am Your Time Zone


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We don't Walk for the Cause, we Walk BECAUSE

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Glasgow, Scotland

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