Our Work

Join the GSP Monthly Convene.  Our purpose is to maintain a global alliance that will support one another's projects and global sustainable businesses.  GSP's desire is to create a level of collaborative security through solidarity, as we consider the UN's  Sustainable Development Goals.  We believe that Positive Support can Create Desired Outcomes.

Women of Economic Sustainablity Panel

Nova Lorraine, Moderator

Joann Babiak

Dr. Elena Paweta

Alize' Utteryn

Dr. Tamu Petra-Browne

Dr. Tanesha House, Host Keynote Speaker


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Chamber of Commerce Panel

Loretta Green-Williams, Moderator

Ashneet Kaur

Karan Singh Bhatia

Kim Huggett

Deirdre Watson

International Chamber and Corporate Alliance Panel

Kevin Howell, Moderator

Dr. MelidaHarris Barrow

Martin Kwame Awagah

Lorlett Hudson

Dr. Neil Parsan, Former Ambassador TT to USA, Mexico

Conference International Keynote Speaker

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