What Does It Truly Mean?

Poem Written by Senovia Lyndon, Cincinnati Solidarity Walk Coordinator

I was wondering, how do you see it when he/ she said that they love you WHAT does it truly mean? At first, they shower you with gifts and words of comfort, as time goes on things start to change, now what we're seeing around us is that it's O'KAY.. to be physically/mentally abused. When you're told that they love you, then you grab hold of their every word as truth, 'cause you hadn't been told this by anyone...When you're told you are special, you are the air, without you they can't breathe, live..Again you hold onto every word you look over the hurtful word and touch, the pain and sadness you feel, you hold out the hope that change is gonna come...Life is HARD..this is true BUT, NO ONE has the right to HURT you MENTALLY or PHYSICALLY, U MUST LEARN TO LOVE YOU FIRST! KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! TO LOVE ME (DOESN'T MEAN TO (HURT ME).

JoinME Senovia Lyndon, Host of I.H.U-I HEAR YOU! WAIF88.3FM CINCINNATI for my 7th Annual Domestic Violence Solidarity Walk Nov 6@11am at The Bondhill Recreation Center 1501 Elizabeth Pl, ( STOP THE VIOLENCE POINT BLANK PERIOD! )

Poem written by: Senovia Byndon, Founder of A&S Youth Productions and Host of IHU-I Hear You! WAIF88.3FM Cincinnati.

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