ABOUT URBAN GURL/SUBURBAN SWURL: Future of Young Women In Sports

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

WOCPSCN celebration for the National Girls and Women Sports Day, Gurl/Swurl initiative took place on February 26, 2021. The Gurl/Swurl Initiative is to establish and support sports empowerment programs for girls. Ronni Savage, WOCPSC'N's founding Board Member, Southern California Regional Director, and Sports Opportunity Director (Urban Gurl, Suburban Swurl Initiatives) extended a welcoming statement that included WOCPSCN's 2021 international girls sports programs of support. The organizations are God's Planet for Haiti; Save the Young Girls Foundation-Sierra Leone, West Africa, and South African Sports For Girls.

Moderator Nola Agha, Associate Professor of Sport Management at the University of San Francisco (USF) and sports economics consultant, led the informatative discussion. Panelist discussed issues that address girls and women current participation within COVID-19, as well as women in professional sports. Panelists included were Monica Heuer, graduate of University of San Francisco Sports Management, and athletics at Moreau Catholic High School; USF Sports Management professor, Michael M. Goldman that specializes in sports marketing, researcher and consultant; Ilisa Kesser, a former USF Sports Management graduate that is currently Chief Operations Officer for Special Olympics Northern California and Yvette Perry, Instructional Chair for the California Basketball Officials Association-South Bay Unit.

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