Corporate Annual Membership     US$3,500 
  • Sponsor of the Walking In Silence for the Silence
  • Company logo and link on all Walk promotions
  • The lead name on Walk products
  • Group Leader for your local Walk
Partner Annual Membership          US$2,000
  • Sponsor the QNP or local event or your choice
  • Company logo on all promotion material
  • The lead name on the presentation 
  • Product presentation selected event
  • Host for the event
 Liaison Partner Annual Membership        US$1,200
  • Build your local WOCPSCN Community
  • Use of the WOCPSCN Non-profit status and templates
  • WOCPSCN mentoring for each project
  • Page build-out on WOCPSCN website
  • Cross-media promotion
Individual Annual Leadership Membership   US$150
  • Membership Profile Page
  • Alliance Builder for the Walking In Silence 
  • Coordinator for Local Community Programs

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