Annual Membership | Partnerships

Corporate Alliance Membership                                            $5,000   
  • Member Certificate
  • National Initiative Sponsorship   
  • Media Partnership Alliances
  • Option to build a Chapter                       
Global Sustainability Impact Partnerships (GSIP)         $4,000          
  • Member Certificate
  • International Advisory Member
  • Option to build a Chapter
  • International Sponsorship
  • Host for GSP Convene and Annual Summit
Partnership Annual Membership                                 $3,000
  • Member Certificate
  • JazzyJZ Mentoring Business Initiatives
  • International Women's  Month's Sponsorship 
  • Option to build a Chapter
Business  Annual Membership                                           $450
  • Member Certificate
  • Community Development Sponsorship
  • Ambassador Programs
  • Media Partnership Alliances
  • Option to build a Chapter
Professional Annual Memberships                                   $150
  • Member Certificate
  • JazzyJZ Mentoring Platform
  • Mentor Connectional Ambassador
  • Membership Alliances

Seniors and JazzyJZ                                                               $45 
  • Member Certificate
  • JazzyJZ Mentoring Platform
  • Mentor Connections
  • Membership Alliances
Youth | Volunteers |Social Media Platforms                Free
  •    Certification of Participation 

GSP March 2022 Monthly Convene

B4B: Business For Business  & Job Fair, 2012
Solórzano-Cuadra, CEO, San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and guest
Maria Hurricane Relief Fundraiser, 2017. in partnership Afropolitan, NYC, and Caribeme Magazine.  Board of Trustee Janice Lawrence-Clarke, guests, and LGreen-Williams.
How to Join
WOCPSCN is a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit. 
Membership and donations are tax-deductible.

Memberships and Donations can be mailed to:
WOCPSCN, Inc., c/o Investors Bank
360 Martin Luther King Drive Unit #7H, Jersey City, NJ 07305
Contact:  929.269.3103
Continued Membership 

We are excited that you are in alliance with our vision and want to be a part of it.  Consider your continuous community commitment by committing to your favored Initiative for the next 36 months.                                              

How Does the Continuous Member [monthly-reocurring contribution] Work?
1.  Select your favored Initiative that resonates with your vision.
2.  Commit a monthly-reoccurring contribution for 36 months (e.g., JazzyJZ, $3,000 (3)=$9,000/$250 monthly).
4.  Your continued contribution allows you Partnership Membership.
5.  You have a guaranteed tax-deductible for the next three years.

The application process is provided by the Board of Trustees.