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Thank you for your continued support.  I want to encourage you to  continue gifting to WOCPSCN as we develop multiple realms of  socioeconomic sustainability towards gender equity and equity.   
Your Sustainability Circle gifting will assure our upcoming programs are sound events while providing you with a platform for partnering consideration.   
The Founder's Circle is a  distinguished group of global caregivers that  will enhance the leadership  path while building international alliances. The Founder's Circle role  is an  international advisory board for founding executives. In response to your Founder's Circle donation,  you will be included an annual virtual meeting with  WOCPSCN's International Advisory Committee, and International Congress Council.  You will also have a sponsored opportunity during  our  international programs, as well as  co-host on our communications platforms.
For additional comments, questions or concerns, kindly reach out to me at lorettagreenwilliams@gmail.com.
Once again.  Thank you and I look forward to your capacity-building, 
Loretta Green-Williams, WOCPSCN Founder | Chief Executive Officer


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