Women of Concern Professionals & Strategic Conscious Networking is an incorporated 501 (c)3 non-profit organization. 
OUR MISSION is to present active approaches to community development and socioeconomic sustainability. 
Lavender Luncheon, 2013
God's Planet for Haiti Elementary School
Adopted, 2014
Annual Walking In Silence for the Silenced
Est. 2013
March, 2022 Monthly GSP Convene
Women of Concern Professionals & Strategic Conscious Networking was organized on Linkedin in December 2009.  One year later, several local women established WOCPSCN as a community professional organization.  Our first project was the Antioch (CA) Film and Music Festival, a three-day event that was to take place on Labor Day Weekend, 2010.  However, it was canceled due to the city council's limited understanding of creating community unity. We then established our signature event, AM Power Networking, which established our core consideration of community socioeconomic sustainability, along with the B4B:  Business 4 Business Networking and Job Fair that was held at the Scottish Rites Building, Oakland, CA 2012, and the Bay Point Community Center, Bay Point, CA 2013.

We identified the effects of domestic violence and diabetes in all communities, thus Walking In Silence for the Silenced:  Domestic Violence Solidarity Walk that began in 2013, and takes place on the first Saturday of November.   The Biannual Lavender Luncheon is our international fundraising event that supports our academic relationships, such as  God's Planet for Haiti Elementary School, Haiti,  WI.  The Women of African Diaspora Griots, are community literacy programs that partner with local bookstores and libraries.  
We realized that the impact of community economic growth needed a more in-depth direction, thus Urban Gurl/Suburban Swurl initiative.  It was structured to enhance leadership skills and self-esteem in girls through sports.  The JazzyJZ  Mentoring was designed to provide support to young businesswomen through mentoring by seasoned professionals.  The JazzyJZ businesswomen achievement recognition is the Annual Achievements Award with the first ceremony taking place at the  Jazz Cultural Center in San Francisco's historic Fillmore section, in 2014.
In 2021, our continued community designed the Lena Baker DV & Women's Health Summit.  This annual virtual event addresses health issues among women of color and takes place the last week of October.  

WOCPSCN's core is to address gender equality and equity through our replicable initiatives that address women's health, education, and community development.  Therefore women's health, education, and community development are our motivations for socioeconomic sustainability.  In 2021,  the Lena Baker DV & Women's Health Summit took place.   This annual virtual event addresses key issues that affect women of color from perspectives that are not often considered.  

In order to enhance our global perspective, we strategically considered the UN Sustainability Development Goals and developed the Global Sustainability Partnerships Legacy Programme.  The GSP's purpose is to create collaborative security through solidarity and enabling Global Alliances for measurable impact and action. Through this Programme we also aim to enhance global connectivity within gender equality, gender equity, and to promote human rights.  With our monthly convene, we have created a global community that also considers the UN SDG 2030.
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WOCPSCN is a 501 (c)3 not-for-profit. 
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DISCLAIMER:   WOCPSCN cannot financially support any individual or organization.  However, as per our core values to support gender equity and community development, WOCPSCN (and consequently the Global Sustainability Partnership Programme), acts as an enabler between changemakers, organizations, and businesses to ensure global alliances as well as multi-stakeholder partnerships and collaborations for measurable impact and action. WOCPSCN cannot be held liable for any comments, discussions, or content presented by any guests or speakers during any programmes designated by WOCPSCN (GSP) and all initiatives within this organization.


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