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2021 Global Community Commitment:  To enhance the personal development of

women and girls

Urban Gurl, Suburan Swurl Initiative  International Sports Day Equipment Fund Raiser
February 26, 2021,  This program is to promote funding for: 
*Save the Young Girls Foundation-Sierra Leone, West Africa
*South African Sports For Girls
*God's Planet for Haiti Elementary School
*Local US Girl's Sport Camps
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The Woman-Womb: Removal of the Mule Image on Black Women
March 6, 13, 20, 2021
  • Black Women and Research and Mental Health                    (3.6)
  • Black Women and the COVID Vaccine                                  (3.16)
  • Black Women and Dental Care: Its Importance and Impact     (3.20)
  • Black Women and Staying Fit, Fine, and Fabulous after 50      (3.27)
JAZZYJZ YOUNG WOMEN BUSINESS Discussion Maintaining Business in COVID Era
March 26, 2021
"Your Purpose, Your Power: Developing Strength for a Post-Covid Life"
Purpose:  Mentoring program for young businesswomen
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August 11, 2021, 1:00 pm-2:00 pm/edt/nyc
"Read It Out, Write It Out, Talk It Out"

Supporting girls and  young women literacy

Women of African Diaspora Griots'  Harlem NY Chapter
Zoom Platform:  Annual Women at the Well Reading Convene
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The Lena Baker Domestic Violence  & Women’s Health Virtual Summit
October 25-30, 2021
International Walking In Silence for the Silenced:  Hybrid DV Solidarity Walk
November 6, 2021
Women's Business  Virtual Leadership Summit
in conjunction with
Pan African Chamber of Commerce, US Delegate
November 8-21, 2021
Johannesburg, South Africa


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